MAJOR EVENTS MEDIA will be setting up a giant truck with LED screens that will go around the city of Paris during the holiday season, the screens will be running for 6 days prior to Christmas during the busiest time of the year.

One of the results of the pandemic was the cancellation of all major events around the world. But Christmas will always be Christmas for everyone, and it will still be the biggest Holiday of the year!


Paris is always a magical city - but even more so during the Christmas holiday season when  brilliant decorations light up the city, hot mulled wine and roasting chestnuts warm you as  you browse through the Christmas markets. Paris undergoes a transformation with the  approach of the festive season. The city’s most beautiful monuments are illuminated,  Christmas decorations adorn the streets, and department store windows are filled with  animated displays. Markets, Nativity scenes, merry-go-rounds, and a host of other activities  and events take over the city, offering fun for all the family.

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The truck will be seen around the city, in the major high profile streets where events will be happening during the Holidays. Thousands of people will view the screens going around the city! 
The screen cannot be missed

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Do you know why billboard truck advertising is effective? It is because people can easily notice a billboard on a moving truck. The viewer does not have to turn a page to see the ads. Mobile billboards are great for getting a message across. People do not forget a billboard easily, especially if you create a good billboard.

The MOBILED will be mainly on the Champs Elysées and Boulevard Haussmann


This street is one of Paris’ biggest tourist attractions, after the Eiffel Tower. The road has a lot to offer, but it is predominantly a strip for high-end fashion and retail. In addition to the outrageous lighting display, the Champs Elysées has a few other Christmas attractions under its belt. In recent years, the Champs Elysées has been the site of a really wonderful Christmas market at the Tuileries Gardens just across from the Louvre.

Boulevard Haussmann:

Boulevard Haussmann is one of the most elegant in Paris. The activity is intense and bankers, shoppers or moviegoers and tourists constantly meet. It is also while strolling on this artery that we can admire the most beautiful Haussmannian facades of Paris as well as many remarkable buildings.

The busiest time of the year




EVENT : Paris Christmas Season

CAMPAIGN DATES: December 17 → 22 (6 days)

MEDIA TYPE  : 3 giant led screens on Mobile LED truck  

SCREEN OPERATION TIMES:  DRIVING 7 hours per day x 6 days  

MAIN ROUTE:   Avenue  Champs - Élysées & Boulevard Haussmann, Paris 

PACKAGE: 12 x 10 sec spots per hour OR 4 x 30-sec spots per hour

TOTAL SPOTS:  504 x 10-sec spots OR 168 x 30-sec spots over the 6 days

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